Boo-ya! Here’s a contest any meat eating American can get behind (okay, I guess vegetarians enjoy grilling, too). To coincide with the DVD releases of American Dad: Volume 7 and Bob’s Burger’s Season 1 on April 17th (hey, that’s Tuesday), Popdose is giving away copies of both DVD’s to one lucky reader.

But wait, there’s more!

The winner will also receive an indoor BBQ. How sweet is that!  Folks in the Midwest may be suffering from inclement weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start baseball BBQ season now, especially with the nifty little gadget picture below.

Now, for something this cool, you’re going to have to answer a question, and it’s going to have to involve a little research. But I’ll give you a clue. Here it is:

Dee Bradley Baker is one of the most sought after voice over actors today. On American Dad he plays the role of Klaus Heissler, among others. For what project did he play the role of “Sundae?”

Here’s your clue: The animated project was produced by a company that deals in meat.  See what I did there, I tied the clue into the whole BBQ thi—- Aw, whatever!  Just come up with the right answer and email it to Mr. Malchus ( by Sunday night’s episode of American Dad (or, 9:30 PM ET).

Good Luck!


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