They live to talk about crap!”

I’ll admit it: I was quite puzzled when I received an e-mail from Dave Lifton, pop culture writer extraordinaire and the creator of the most-excellent Wings For Wheels podcast. Apparently Dave must have slipped on some ice and landed on his head, because he subsequently invited Jeff and I to join him on said podcast.


Dave opened the floor up to some ideas. I had a whole bunch! First: My Acting Career! Second: Michael McDonald! Third: Michael McDonald And How He’s Influenced My Acting Career!

Surprisingly enough, these ideas didn’t fly with Jeff or Dave, so eventually we settled on a topic close to all of our hearts: Guilty Pleasures. Although we all pretty much agree that nobody should ever feel guilty for the things they enjoy, each of us managed to discuss at least one artist or group that made us feel like complete idiots. I don’t want to spoil the whole podcast, but here are three of the nine artists/genres discussed:

– Jack Wagner
– Starland Vocal Band
– Showtunes

Intrigued? Scared? A little bit of both? Then you’ll want to stop what you’re doing and download Episode #45, featuring Dave, Jeff and I. We laugh, we cry, and it only takes about 20 minutes before I shout, “you guys are assholes!” If you can excuse the static coming from our phones, we think you’ll enjoy. And if not, it’s Jeff’s fault.

Thanks, Dave, for featuring two boneheaded Popdosers on Wings For Wheels!

Direct Download Link: Wings For Wheels, Episode 45: Guilty Pleasures (Dave Lifton, Jeff Giles, Jason Hare)

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