Jeff Giles: Think someone in the Bachmann campaign is losing their job over this? Or is it an intentionally nutty “any press is good press” move?

Chris Holmes: It reminds me of a certain Steve Carell photo.

Jeff: I wasn’t even thinking of that, but it’s perfect.

Dan Wiencek: “Tyranny and Pain” about sums it up.

Dw. Dunphy: You know, it’s an upside-down world. What most people perceive as “bad PR,” her camp probably views as “the Holy Spirit.”

Kelly Stitzel: If this cover had a soundtrack, it’d be “Crazy Eyes,” a reworked version of Eric Carmen’s “Hungry Eyes.”

Dave Lifton: We can get Krazee-Eyes Killah to do it.

Ted Asregadoo: Newsweek loves her and Palin and Jesus. Don’t you watch Bill Maher?

Jason Hare: I cannot stop looking at this cover!

Jeff: Same here. I kind of want to make a poster out of it.

Jason: You should put it over your son’s bed!

“Can’t sleep, Michele will eat me…”

Jeff: I just showed him the cover. He chuckled softly and said, “Sillyface.”

Chris: Hey, how’s this for a poster?

Jeff: YES! I think that’s how Jason looked the other day, after I surprised him with a half-dozen potential Mellowmas songs in his inbox.

Jason: The lines around my eyes were slightly more pronounced.

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