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Matt Springer: There’s something so unorganic about this…”Here’s the reggae guy! Here’s the soul singer! Here’s Mick Jagger! Now the bridge–here’s the sitars!”

Dan Wiencek: I’m reading the bio. This is a “band cooperative project”?

Springer: Classic. But you have to read to the end for my favorite bit:

As far as the future of SuperHeavy goes, “We haven’t planned to do a tour or anything, but if people really like it maybe we will. We’d love to get out and play some of it live,” says Jagger humbly.

Mick Jagger has NEVER SAID ANYTHING “HUMBLY.” I call bullshit.

Chris Holmes: Jagger had long been a fan of Marley’s, fresh from another cross-genre collaboration with American rapper Nas, citing his strength as a lyricist and toaster…

I bet Damian Marley’s toasting skills get him invited to all the best wedding receptions.

Matt Wardlaw: Anybody anticipating the “Superheavy is: Boring as Fuck” press release?

Cory Frye: How about a supergroup of actual toasters?

Chris: I’m pretty sure they have that covered with all those Dean Martin tapes. Oh wait, those are Roasters.

Dave Lifton: Mick is the equivalent of the toaster in your hometown diner, where they put the bread in a wire rack and it goes around on a conveyor belt. It’s been there forever and you keep expecting it to break down, but it still makes the best damn toast you ever had.

Jeff Giles: I’m 55 seconds in, and so far, every second of this song has annoyed me.

Springer: I know Damian Marley is involved but the entire vibe is what sixty-something old white British dudes think reggae should sound like. Oh, and they hire a young girl to dance while they listen to it.

Having said that, if Mick Jagger asked me to sing anything, I’d do it. Three-way? Sure, Mick, but really, me? I’m kinda paunchy and greying — okay, sure, I’ll get naked. Whatever you say. What’s Keith like?

Jeff: Why is Joss Stone still allowed to make music?

Dw. Dunphy: Because she survived the assassination attempt.

Dave Steed: Really? Man, she’s my favorite female artist. But it’s probably because she’s ridiculously hot. But damn, that girl has one sensual voice.

Jeff: I can’t follow you that far, but I did eventually warm up to the song, sort of. The chorus opens things up and lets just enough air in to keep it from collapsing. But I think Jagger and Stone are a terribly unappealing vocal combo — he’s at his campy vampin’ worst, and I don’t think she sounds connected to the material at all.

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