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Books by Popdose Authors:
Beau Dure, Long-Range Goals: The Success Story of Major League Soccer
DX Ferris, Slayer’s Reign in Blood (33 1/3)
Will Harris, All You Need Is a Hook…The Best of Hooks ‘n’ You (via Lulu)
Ann C. Logue, Hedge Funds For Dummies
Ann C. Logue, Day Trading For Dummies (Amazon)
Ann C. Logue, High-Powered Investing All-In-One For Dummies
Ann C. Logue, Socially Responsible Investing For Dummies
Ann C. Logue, Emerging Markets For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Drivers of the Plague (via Lulu)
Dw. Dunphy, The Last Stand For Jasmine Jett (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Music Geek: Mutterings Of An Obsessive (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Sneaking In Through Exits: Misspent Years At The Movies (Amazon)
Jack Feerick, Little Wonder (via Lulu)
Scott Malchus, Basement Songs (via Lulu)
Matt Springer, Unconventional (via Lulu)
Matt Springer, Poodoo (via Alert Nerd Press)

Music from Popdose Writers:

Dw. Dunphy, The Radial Night (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, People Wearing Masks (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Modernism (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Skeletons & Rainchecks (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Pseudobiography (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Enigmatic (Amazon)
Dw. Dunphy, Symphonica Transistori (Amazon)
Ken Shane, South Ridgeway Avenue