I’ve heard it more times than I care to remember: where are the real blues these days? It seems like the only people still churning out the nitty-gritty, gut-wrenching, praise-the-Lord blues tunes are on their last leg or exist only on record. Blue-eyed soul doesn’t seem to cut it. What are we to go?

Enter Scott Taylor, who’s reviving everything we love about the genre. Based in Washington, DC, Taylor inspires heartfelt yearning with his interpretation of soul-flavored blues, while still finding time to perform at church on Sunday. Steeped in tradition, his music is the kind that stands the test of time because its blues roots yield infusions of funk and psychedelia too, creating a mix that’s irresistible.

Now, in its Popdose premiere, check out Scott Taylor’s “Tennessee,” a track that will assure you that the blues are alive and well.

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