So, how are you doing? It’s Thanksgiving Day here in America, and if you’re reading this right now, you’re likely trying to hide from the “merriment,” “family warmth” and (shudder) “non-judgmental conversation about whether Bristol Palin was shafted from losing Dancing With The Stars,” as if you thought that conversation was never going to happen.

So, in your need, you rushed to Popdose to find some solace and, let’s face it, an excuse. Well, let us be your enabler because we’re hiding from our kin too.

The first single from E.L.O.’s Balance of Power arrived in 1986 with a more synthetic, less orchestral sound. “Calling America” has most of the Jeff Lynne-isms intact, but it all sounded a lot leaner and more like a solo effort than a group one. The B-side to this single is “Caught In A Trap” which sounds even more sparse, and less likely to ever have become a hit on its own, but is not without its charms.

The B-side track had been unavailable digitally until Sony’s remaster of the album, back in the mid-aughts, and the entire Balance of Power can be found on iTunes.

Side ACalling America

Side BCaught In A Trap

Balance of Power is available from

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