It’s easy to hate a band with a career-making/career-stunting hit like “Closing Time”, but I will go on-record as saying that Semisonic wrote some cool songs.

In addition to the aforementioned mega-hit, the band scored another Top 40 hit with the follow-up single, “Singing In My Sleep”. Now, what made that single even cooler was the “CD5” they released that included some other cool tracks.

Imagine, if you will, a trio of white boys (albeit from Prince’s neck of the woods) tackling the Purple One’s “Erotic City”, and doing so quite admirably.

Now imagine that same band paying respectful tribute to 70’s pop fluff staple “Air That I Breathe”.

Toss in a basement demo of “Closing Time” and you have a pretty cool “CD5” that is well worth the 99 cents I paid for it.

Track listing:

Singing In My Sleep (radio mix)
Closing Time (basement demo)
Delicious (non-lp track)
Erotic City
Air That I Breathe

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