Summer Brannin lived for 21 years with the innocence of a child and the artistry of a creative genius. It’s an immeasurable loss to have kidney cancer take her so soon. Enough can never be said about her. You can read all about how amazing she was and see some of her incredible & incredibly fun artwork at the See Summer Swing Dance Website at

In 2000, Oglio Records released Songs For Summer
(, a memorial charity recordfeaturing 15 of Summer’s favorite musicians, including Jason Falkner, Ben Folds Five, Neutral Milk Hotel, the B-52’s and Jonathan Richman. Every musical act, record label and music publisher allowed the songs to be used for free. Jason Falkner submitted an outtake from “Can You Still Feel?” called “Song For Her”. You can read all about how much Summer loved Jason at Unfortunately, the album was ignored by the music press and, despite raising thousands of dollars at benefit concerts related to the record, the album itself lost money. Now that licenses have expired, Oglio decided to donate unsold copies to charities and allow the album’s organizers to find good homes for hundreds of cd’s.

Summer was keen on spreading the word about the music that she loved. It wasn’t uncommon for her to convince people to love her favorite bands by singing to them, letting them borrow cd’s or making mixtapes for strangers with cool stickers on their car. It is in that spirit that we are offering a FREE copy of the Songs For Summer album to anyone who sends a self-addressed stamped envelope to Songs For Summer 4645Q Ruffner St San Diego CA 92111. While supplies last, just send a SELF-ADDRESSED padded envelope with $1.11 in postage and we’ll send you back a free copy. will have info on the homepage whether or not copies are still available. Any envelopes received after the cd’s are all gone will be returned to sender. No strings attached. Just bein’ nice…like Summer was.

We plan on putting the actual cd’s that Jason sent us for Songs For Summer up for auction at Ebay and donate all proceeds to Free Arts For Abused Children. Check this site and for the announcement.

Please feel free to post this message online or send it to friends. We encourage you to support Free Arts For Absued Children (, the charity the record benefited, or your local cancer charity. It’s good karma for gettin’ free stuff. To read more about Summer Brannin, her artwork and the Songs For Summer charity record, please visit the Summer Site at

Adam Gimbel
Summer’s House Of Cookies Records (RIP with the girl)
San Diego, CA

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