Well, hello, Popdose! My name’s Kelly and I’m the new kid on the block. A few of you might know me as the writer of the almost-defunct blog Looking at Them. I’m very excited to bring my favorite feature from my blog, Soundtrack Saturday, to Popdose. With Soundtrack Saturday, I plan to bring you rare, obscure, out-of-print, never-in-print, and just plain fun soundtracks from some of my favorite movies. I’ll be starting out with some of the soundtracks that were most popular with Looking at Them’s readers. Then I’ll be moving on to new territory. I hope you enjoy!

I’ve decided to kick things off with the soundtrack that I’ve gotten the most requests for and e-mails about: Real Genius. This 1985 film stars Val Kilmer as Chris Knight, a brilliant but not quite serious student at a Cal Tech-type university. His new roommate is 15-year-old Mitch Taylor, one of the youngest students ever accepted to the university, played by Gabe Jarret. They’re assigned to work on developing a powerful laser for their demanding professor, Dr. Hathaway (William Atherton), who has made a deal to give the laser to the government for military uses. Between dealing with obnoxious kiss-ass Kent (Robert Prescott), getting to know the brilliant man who lives in their closet, and handling their grueling studies, Chris and Mitch form a unique friendship. The chemistry amongst the cast, which also includes Jon Gries, Michelle Meyrink, and Patti D’Arbanville, is outstanding, and the film is well executed by director Martha Coolidge. In my opinon, this is one of Val Kilmer’s best movies.

One big problem, though, is that there’s no official soundtrack. I think this is a shame, because there are some great songs featured in Real Genius. I’ve been able to find all of them except one, “The Tuff Do What?,” by Tonio K. According to various sources on the Interwebs, the song has never been released, but if anyone does have it and wants to share, I won’t stop you.

Carmen McRae – You Took Advantage of Me
The Comsat Angels – I’m Fallin’
Chaz Jankel – Number One
Don Henley – All She Wants to Do Is Dance
Bryan Adams – One Night Love Affair
The Call – The Walls Came Down
The System – Pleasure Seekers
The Textones – Standing in the Line
Y&T – Summertime Girls
Paul Hyde & the Payolas – You’re the Only Love
Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

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After shutting down her own blog, Looking at Them, in mid-2008, Kelly migrated over to Popdose, bringing with her Soundtrack Saturday, the most popular column from her old site. Kelly makes a living as a fashion and marketing copywriter, which takes up a lot of her time. However, when she is able to write about things that have nothing to do with her day job, she contributes reviews and musings on music, film and a variety of other topics. In addition to Soundtrack Saturday, columns she's written include Filminism and Pulling Rank.

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