In 1995, the fine people from Eggbert Records released this cool little tribute to The Hollies. For many who were fans of the bands assembled on this tribute album, I am sure it came as quite a surprise how many songs they’d known and loved, but may have never known were Hollies songs.

This, of course, is what tribute albums are all about.

If done well, a tribute album exposes new artists to fans of the band being celebrated and, at the same time, further introduces a noteworthy artist to fans of the bands assembled.

And that, quite simply, is why Sing Hollies In Reverse is among the best tribute albums ever assembled.

I could honestly go on at great length about how I love just about every track on this album, or how the Hollies rank as one of the most sorely underrated bands of the 60’s.

Instead, I’ll let the music do the talking by posting my favorites:

Material Issue “Bus Stop
E (from the Eels) “Jennifer Eccles
Wondermints “You Need Love
Tommy Keene “Carrie Anne
Steve Wynn “The Air That I Breathe
The Loud Family “Look Through Any Window

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