iChat fun:

XXX: lapride’s having the motels performing..if u care for them

BowiezGod: what’s lapride?

BowiezGod: i like the name!

XXX: we ho

BowiezGod: it’s called Lapride?

BowiezGod: as in ride my lap?

BowiezGod: i love it!

XXX: christopher street

XXX: west hollywood pride

BowiezGod: ohhhhhhhh

XXX: and that’s called a typo

BowiezGod: LOL!

BowiezGod: that name is better!

BowiezGod: you’re a genius!

XXX: yourfriendjasonwastheresunday

XXX: justlikethat

XXX: see?

XXX: lol,

BowiezGod: i still say “Lapride” is a great name for an event

BowiezGod: you’ve stumbled onto brilliance!