Terje Fjelde

Terje has 1272 David Foster songs on his iPod. He resides in (relatively) beautiful surroundings on the west coast of his native Norway with his wife and three kids. He’s in his mid-30s, holds some kind of job as a bureaucrat but keeps forgetting what it’s about, because everything in Terje’s life revolves around music and whenever he’s forced to step out of the bubble he forgets what he’s doing and his mind wanders slowly back into the beautiful world of organized noise.

Terje is a mild-mannered person and he probably loves soft rock a lot more than the next man – but never let it be said that Terje is a soft rock-nazi – he’s the ultimate Abba-to-Zappa-man. He refuses to disregard music or to be dictated by drearily commonplace prejudice based on traditional hierarchical defense walls such as snobbery, fandom or actual quality. Terje claims that all music has value and he doesn’t really hate any kind of music.

He also feels that music (and musicians in particular) shouldn’t be taken very seriously and laughs easily with (and at) his musical heroes given the chance. Terje is dead serious about himself, though.