We all bag on MTV for the way it’s steadily turned away from music videos over the years — heck, it happens here at Popdose at least a dozen times annually — but at least we can still count on the network living up to its name at least one night a year, right?

Yeah, no, not really. But what we can count on is an unfunny host (that would be Russell “how did I get here?” Brand), a bunch of future has-beens gathered together in an auditorium, and a lot of trophies given away to celebrate videos you had to squint to see between repeat airings of The Hills and My Super Sweet 16. It’s an occasion worth…well, not celebrating, exactly, but getting together to discuss it seemed like a fun idea, so we’ve installed a live chat plugin, and we’re testing it out tonight during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Stop on by and join us for what will surely end up being a drunken discussion about everything that’s wrong with the music industry!

To join in, all you need to do is pick a nickname and enter the chatroom. That’s it — no muss, no fuss. See you there!

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