QueensrÁ¿che — I Don’t Believe In Love (1988)

I have no idea what compelled me to pick up the cassingle of QueensrÁ¿che’s “I Don’t Believe In Love”, but it must have been pure fanboy glee. Both of its songs (the other being “The Needle Lies”) were straight off of their seminal 1988 prog metal album, Operation: Mindcrime. They weren’t even radio edits or something different than what I already owned.

But own it I do, so let’s rap about shall we?

“I Don’t Believe In Love” was written by the once-potent team of Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo, and it slots into the final third of Operation: Mindcrime. By this point in the story, Nikki (our protagonist) has found Sister Mary dead and is being interrogated by the police for suspicion of murder. Only we know that it was that dastardly Dr. X who killed Mary, as the video lets us know.

Confused? Don’t worry, just enjoy one of the finest slices of melodic prog metal the ’80s has to offer. And marvel at the lyrical prowess of rhyming “forget” with “raison d’Áªtre.” But if you really must know what’s going on, check this out.

“I Don’t Believe In Love” was the last of just two Stateside singles EMI released to promote Operation: Mindcrime, and it peaked at #41 on the Hot Mainstream Rock chart. The B-side, “The Needles Lies,” doesn’t pack quite the same melodic punch but is a much stronger display of power from QueensrÁ¿che. This is the band as a metal entity firing on all cylinders, and helps make my case for Tate being one of the great vocalists of my generation.

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