I’ll never forget first hearing The Cult’s UK “Revolution” EP. I was instantly transfixed by the regal, yet organic sound of this band at a time when synth-pop and goth was Britain’s main export.

Granted, there were slight goth elements on the band’s Love album, from which “Revolution” was taken, but those who took the time to delve a little deeper found a band that drew upon psychedelic and blues influences.

By the time their next album, Electric, was released, the band all but disassociated themselves from the goth/dance rock tag and gone in a decidedly smarmy hard rock direction. Produced by Rick Rubin, Electric was the result of a band even more enamored by American rock & roll than U2 had been during their Rattle And Hum period.

While their next album, Sonic Temple, arguably continued their transformation into a top-flight heavy metal band, most agree that the band soon lost the plot. Subsequent albums meshed half-baked material with lackluster production and saw declining sales. The band then disbanded in the mid-90’s, only to reunite in 2000 to release Beyond Good And Evil for new label, Atlantic.

After once-again going their separate ways, singer Ian Astbury made more than a few eyebrows flinch skyward by joining Doors Of The 21st Century for a couple years of steady road work.

Thus, it was with some surprise that The Cult reformed and began a US tour this month. While their glory days may be long behind them, they made a couple truly solid albums that I list among my favorites of the time.

Here are some mp3’s from the first show on the tour.

Track listing:

Lil Devil
Sweet Soul Sister
Peace Dog
Fire Woman
Electric Ocean

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