mental_floss reminds us that Mister Rogers was too good for this planet;

AM, Then FM pays a visit to the Southside, draws the line between Steppenwolf and Superfly, then breaks into Dad’s record collection;

Ickmusic goes insane Á¢€” here’s some Kermit Ruffins, there’s some Blue Method, and oh yeah, here’s some live Strummer;

The Hits Just Keep on Comin’ flashes back to Memorial Day ’78;

Little Hits offers some vintage Laurie Anderson and Stephen Duffy;

Consumerist reports that the Chinese FDA does not fuck around, tells you to think twice about that fancy water you’re drinking, offers a handy chart of politicians taking RIAA bribes, and makes a compelling case for vegetarianism;

Jersey Days catches Graham Parker live;

Maybe We Ain’t That Young Anymore calls bullshit on inappropriate commercial song placements;

You Must Be From Away looks back on the Small Fucking Who;

Jason develops a man-crush on John Farnham, then makes a disturbing Jets-related admission;

Jezebel freaks me the fuck out;

Malchus makes some feature-length magic, then continues his Basement Songs series, McCartney style;

T-Sides does up my third-favorite Ice Cube song, then unleashes a torrent of concert-review madness;

Jeff Vrabel blows out 50 sans-serif candles, then senses the onset of national Blockbuster Fatigue;

Some Velvet Blog hops on the Lez Zep bandwagon;

Py Korry makes with another Mix Six (again featuring me!);

:and The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think gets up close and personal with Dan Zanes.

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