[Note: Way, way back in the old Jefitoblog days, we had a friend/frequent commenter named Billy K. Harmony. Billy’s too cool for Popdose, but even if he’s gone, he hasn’t been forgotten Á¢€” and when digging through my files for this week’s mixtape, I rediscovered a stack o’ tunes Billy sent me a few years ago for a prospective post. Here, at long last, is Billy K.’s mix. Enjoy! Á¢€”J]

Tralala – The Girls Say from Tralala (2005)
Charade – Monday Morning from The Best Is Yet to Come (2005)
Robbie Peters – She Does Everything for Me from Diggin’ for Gold, Vol. 4 (2004)
Herman DÁƒ¼ne – I Wish That I Could See You Soon from Giant (2006)
King Khan & BBQ Show – Waddlin’ Around from King Khan & BBQ Show (2005)
Tenement Halls – Plenty Is Never Enough from Knitting Needles & Bicycle Bells (2005)
Sam Bisbee – Sun Shines Wherever You Are from Oxygen (2006)
The Miggedys – Times Like These from Spawn of Skarmageddon (1995)
Loveninjas – Keep Your Love from Keep Your Love (2005)
Kingsbury Manx – Grape to Grain from Aztec Discipline (2003)
Isobel Campbell – Amorino from Amorino (2003)
Scanners – Lowlife (Radio Edit) from Violence Is Golden (2001)
Billie the Vision & the Dancers – I’m a Cuckoo from A Century of Covers (2006)
La Rocca – This Life from The Truth (2006)
Be Your Own Pet – October, First Account from Be Your Own Pet (2006)
Alice Rose – It’s All Allowed from Web Release (2006)
David & the Citizens – Are You in My Blood from Are You in My Blood? (2006)
Girls Aloud vs. Jet – You Gonna Be My Love Machine from Lionelvinyl (2006)
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight from I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite? (1968)
Annette Funicello – When You Get What You Want from Thunder Alley (1967)

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