If someone asks me what kind of music I listen to, I’ll give them the simple answer: modern rock. The truth, though, is a little more complicated than that (ain’t it always the way), in that the vast majority of the bands I’ve loved over the years — particularly in the last six years or so — are what one would call unpopular pop. These are pop songs, no question; they’re just pop songs that weren’t popular. Too alt for Top 40 radio? Too pop for alt radio? Poor representation by their label? Who the hell knows. The bottom line is that the people who made these songs thought they would be huge, and they’re not, or at least not yet, anyway. Several of these bands have only made one album to date. Maybe the next one will do the trick.

But probably not.

Rock Kills Kid – Run Like Hell from the album Are You Nervous? (2006)
World Leader Pretend – Bang Theory from the album Punches (2005)
The Lodger – Kicking Sand from the album Grown-Ups (2007)
Charlotte Sometimes – This Is Only for Now from the album Waves and the Both of Us (2008)
Cash Cash – Two Days Old from the album Take It to the Floor (2008)
Bis – Dead Wrestlers from the album Music for a Stranger World (2000)
Prozzak – Sucks to Be You from the album Hot Show (1999)
The Other Ones – Losing It from the album The Other Ones (1986)
Kenna – New Sacred Cow from the album New Sacred Cow (2003)
Rob Dickinson – My Name Is Love from the album Fresh Wine for the Horses (2005)
The Hours – Come On from the album See the Light (2009)
Delays – Nearer Than Heaven from the album Faded Seaside Glamour (2004)
Republic Tigers – Buildings and Mountains from the album Keep Color (2008)
Kerli – Fragile from the album Love Is Dead (2008)
Venus Hum – Birds and Fishes from the album Colors in the Wheel (2006)

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