Easter is almost upon us, and this leaves your three favorite morons very excited. Because not only does it give each of us an opportunity to end the weekend three pounds heavier than the one before, but it also gives us something to talk about on the latest episode of The Popdose Podcast. First we thought about discussing our favorite items to give up for Lent, but quickly realized that three of us know absolutely nothing about a season of fasting, prayer and penance. (Especially penance.) Then we thought about discussing the prevalence of that cute, furry, buck-toothed animal that gives us eggs as goodies, but (insert mother joke here).

And then, suddenly, a great idea came to us (okay, to Jeff): Pop Culture Resurrections! Jesus Christ isn’t the only one to make a totally kick-ass comeback, folks — Tina Turner did it too, as did LL Cool J, although apparently he would appreciate it if you did not refer to it as such. And as you know, we here at the ‘Dose love talking about artists that aren’t, shall we say, “popular.” And though we love it when artists try to return to the spotlight and fail miserably, we also do like celebrating those who have given it a go and succeeded. We’ll talk about a whole bunch of ’em in today’s episode, but we’d love to know who you think we missed. So you know the drill — click, download, listen, leave us a review on iTunes, and meet us in the comments section!

The Popdose Podcast, Episode 8: Pop Culture Resurrections (1:07:56, 77.8 MB), featuring Jeff Giles, Jason Hare, and Dave Lifton.
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Show Notes

0:00 Intro: Jeff regales us with tales from the Meltdown Family Music & Book Festival.

4:05 Jason talks about the next-door neighbors, the loud sex they’re having, and what he did about it. Completely unrelated, he then shares an absolutely gross story about Dennis DeYoung.

Pop Culture Resurrections!

13:25 And awaaaaay we go! Naturally, we begin our conversation with music resurrections, recalling the comebacks of Cher, Donny Osmond, Tina Turner, Sheriff (Jason’s fault), Benny Mardones (Jeff’s fault, which then leads us into a discussion of Jeff’s “original dick move” and all the other dick moves he’s pulled on Jason, and yes, take that any way you want), Christmas music resurrections, Neil Sedaka and/or Paul Anka, Ratt, Hall & Oates (see Episode 1 for more on Dave’s hipster irony rant), the Eagles, Meat Loaf, and Brian Wilson.

43:27 Oh right, there are pop culture resurrections outside music! Forgive us. We continue our discussion with John Travolta, Vinny Testaverde, Kerry Collins, the Democratic Party, Mickey Rourke and Betty White.

51:17 We discuss various pop culture resurrections that we’re hoping for: the return of Jellyfish, Harry Nilsson (or his corpse), quality network television, and Moxy FrÁ¼vous.


57:32 Jason endorses Barenaked Ladies’ All In Good Time. (Song: Barenaked Ladies, “Summertime”)

1:00:18 Jeff endorses The Devil and Sherlock Holmes: Tales of Murder, Madness, and Obsession by David Grann, and the mother jokes finally kick in. (Song: Jonathan Coulton, “I Crush Everything”)

1:03:11 Dave endorses Locksley’s Be In Love, naming it his power-pop discovery of the year. (Song: Locksley, “Darling, It’s True”)

Wrappin’ It Up

1:02:03 Thanks, as always, for listening to us ramble! Have a great Easter or Passover if that’s your kinda thing — otherwise, just stuff your face with chocolate. Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes, and to visit our Facebook fan page as well as the Popdose Twitter feed. See you back here in May!

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