In honor of this very special day in history, of which I need not remind you as it is such a momentous event, ubiquitous in every child’s school book and classroom, we’ve taken great care with this week’s mixtape. It was important to really try to sum up the complex feelings of the day, to crystallize what it means to be what this is, in all its myriad aspects. I think you’ll agree on first hearing this that we’ve achieved something that’s… Wait for it… Epic.

And if you have no idea what this mixtape is pertaining to, for shame! You really ought to know, and if you don’t, I’m certainly not spoon-feeding you the answers. No sir, or ma’am. Wallow in your own ignorance.

Missing the Point – Pugwash from Almond Tea (1999)

Robert Bradley’s Postcard – David Mead from The Luxury of Time (1999)

Wait – Camel from I Can See Your House From Here (1979)

In This Life – Mordred from In This Life (1991)

Missed Opportunity – Hall & Oates from Do What You Want, Be What You Are (2009)

When Will I Be Loved – Linda Ronstadt from Heart Like a Wheel (1974)

Call Me Mellow – Tears For Fears from Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (2004)

Child of the Wild Blue Yonder – John Hiatt from Stolen Moments (1990)

Desire (Please Don’t Turn Away) – J. Geils Band from Love Stinks (1980)

Fine – Paul Melancon from Camera Obscura (2002)

Long Road To Ruin – Foo Fighters from Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)

One Last Goodbye – Anathema from Judgement (1999)

Put The Message In The Box – World Party from Goodbye Jumbo (1990)

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