It’s summertime in New York City and that means two things: more motivation to get off your butt and do stuff, and more house guests coming to visit. Get some culture and impress your friends by checking out some top-rated theatre this summer with the help of Theatre Is Easy’s helpful Best Bets guide, July edition. Click on a show title below to read the Theatre Is Easy review.

Take your parents: Gypsy
One of the best American musicals ever, with a tremendous cast and a trifecta of Tony-winning performances from the three leads.

Take a date: In the Heights
A terrific show that won the Tony last month for Best New Musical. Yes, it’s absolutely the obvious choice, but it’s also endearing, sweet, and will make you feel all warm and gooey inside.

Before it closes: Stitching
A very cool storytelling experience in a great downtown space. (It closes next Saturday, July 19.)

Best off-Broadway play: Fuerzabruta
Why did it take us so long to see this show?

Most exciting new cast member: Beth Leavel in Young Frankenstein
The show is still selling out despite mediocre reviews, but as most of the leads leave this summer the cast gets some fresh blood, and Beth Leavel is sure to be a rockin’ Frau Blucher.

Because you know you should see it: August: Osage County
Yes, it’s a long, talky drama, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damn entertaining! See this stellar Pulitzer- and Tony-winning production before it’s gone.

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