The spring theatre season is officially under way! We now present our top picks for all of your March New York theatre needs (click on a show title below to read the Theatre Is Easy review) …

To take a date: In the Heights
A romantic and uplifting musical with some smokin’-hot, Latin-influenced choreography.

To take your parents: August: Osage County
Takes this spot for the second month. Family dysfunction has never been funnier.

Cheap but awesome: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
Chicago’s Neo-Futurists perform 30 plays in 30 minutes for less than 50 cents a play.

For a laugh: The 39 Steps
A fun, goofy, wonderfully British ride.

For a good story: Liberty City
A compelling story about the fight for civil liberties in south Florida in the late ’70s.

Quick, before it closes: Liberty City
Plays like this don’t come around that often Á¢€” and unfortunately don’t always stick around that long.

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Molly Marinik is a dramaturg and a director with a dance background. She is also passionate about developing new audiences of theatergoers. Molly is the founder and editor of Theatre Is Easy ( a comprehensive website dedicated to providing accessible information about the New York theatre scene. BS in Visual Communication from Ohio University; currently pursuing a MA in Theatre History and Criticism at Brooklyn College. She's also sassier than her bio would lead you to believe.

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