New shows! Cheap tickets! Genres and subjects galore! The New York International Fringe Festival might just be the best entertainment you’ll find in New York this summer. And Theatre is Easy, c/o Popdose, is here to guide you through it. Does it get any simpler than that?

Fringe ’08 brings 202 shows from all over the world here to New York for a fun-filled theatre extravaganza August 8-24 at venues all over lower Manhattan. Now in its 12th year, FringeNYC has been an extremely effective way for new plays and musicals to get showcased; occasionally something really tremendous makes its way into the festival. The biggest FringeNYC success story so far is 1999Á¢€â„¢s premiere of the snarky musical Urinetown, which went on to a Broadway run and national tours. Many other Fringe shows have gone on to off-Broadway runs and a thriving life after the festival as well. FringeNYC receives over 1,000 show submissions each year, and since only a handful of those shows are chosen to participate, you know youÁ¢€â„¢re seeing the best of the best. With shows from all over the world, the diversity is vast Á¢€” thereÁ¢€â„¢s truly something for everyone.

Finding the brightest gems out of 202 shows can be a daunting task, but luckily there are a few resources to steer you in the right direction. Check out the official FringeNYC website,, for a comprehensive list of whatÁ¢€â„¢s playing; you can use their handy “Slice-O-Matic” feature for specific searches, e.g. date, venue, neighborhood, director, etc. Or head on down to FringeCentral, where you can get information live and in person; this year it resides at 201 Mulberry St., between Spring and Kenmare. You can also buy tickets at FringeCentral Á¢€” and did I mention tickets for all Fringe shows are only $15?

And how could I forget your most exciting FringeNYC resource, Theatre Is Easy? Stop by throughout the duration of the festival and check out all sorts of reviews and useful information. We’ll keep you up to date on what we love and how the festival is going, along with what shows are getting good buzz and which ones are sold out. Come back next Saturday, August 16, for a Fringe ’08 update.

Happy Fringe-ing!

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Molly Marinik is a dramaturg and a director with a dance background. She is also passionate about developing new audiences of theatergoers. Molly is the founder and editor of Theatre Is Easy ( a comprehensive website dedicated to providing accessible information about the New York theatre scene. BS in Visual Communication from Ohio University; currently pursuing a MA in Theatre History and Criticism at Brooklyn College. She's also sassier than her bio would lead you to believe.

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