Ah, Valentine’s Day, how we have missed thee so …

Actually, I’m not completely sure that is true for everybody.  A recent Facebook status update from a friend of mine noted the upcoming Hallmark holiday and invited all participating parties (on the male side) to speed up the process by taking $100 and flushing it down the toilet. Call it done. I guess he’s not a fan.

In a strange twist, I just received an email from Megabus, inviting me to “have a memorable Valentine’s Day.” For any of you that have traveled on Megabus (which I love, by the way), there’s an unintended punchline when you think about some of the “memorable” people that you typically meet on a bus trip.

Anyway, I recently learned that Pete Oberg, our friend at Wolfgang’s Vault, currently is being held hostage by a renegade pack of nurses at an as yet undisclosed location here in the Midwest.  I can’t think of a finer way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Before Pete was whisked away by those naughty nurses, he gave me a link to an extremely romantic playlist that they’ve assembled at Wolfgang’s Vault in honor of Valentine’s Day.

My eyes glistened with tears as I gazed upon the list of classic rock chestnuts from Eddie Money, .38 Special, Ted Nugent, The Band and countless others.

“You did this for me, Pete?”

“No, actually we did this for anybody who wants to listen, in an effort to shamelessly encourage people to visit Wolfgang’s Vault, driving up the page views and thus, satisfying the corporate demon overlords, if just for one day.”

“Oh.  That makes a good amount of sense, actually.”

“Just what you want to be, you will be in the end.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You’ll see.”

And with that, Oberg and I parted ways and I had no way of knowing that it would be a while before I would see him again. I chuckled as I looked at the playlist and saw a track from Atlanta Rhythm Section!

I’m “So Into You,” Wolfgang’s Vault.

I’m really not sure how they do it, but looking at this list, I can’t imagine how any couple could avoid having the best Valentine’s Day they’ve ever shared together by listening to this.  I mean, just look at Peter Frampton sharing his still new at the time song “Baby, I Love Your Way.”  Imagine holding hands during the nearly 12 minute version of “I Just Want To Make Love To You” by Foghat.  And guys, let me just tell you, you know she’s going to melt when DeYoung starts crooning “Lady.”  I posted about this on Twitter, and the reaction from passionate Styx fanatics was immediate.

But then something happened – the intro and guitar riffing certainly sounded like Ted Nugent, but when “Tied Up In Love” kicked in, I suddenly had the feeling that something had gone wrong.  Are those goddamn keyboards I hear on a Ted Nugent record?  And is that Aldo Nova standing on the side of the stage waiting to kick Ted’s ass for ripping off every single note of “Fantasy?”

Ted was touring in support of the Penetrator album and looking at things, we can certainly say that the album cover was awesome.

What are the comments saying about this one?

Dadski:  Ted is a rock and roll god – saw him last year and he kicked ass big style Name a better guitarist


Thanks for the note. Would that be “Big Willie Style?”

Also, see Eddie Van Halen.


Stop yelling.

wickedasitseems:  I saw this tour in RI. with Brian Howe on vocals. Great singer, but he kept having to leave the stage with nothing to do as Ted did his thing.

But did it feel like he was walking on holy water?

“Charles” seems to have the definitive judgment regarding this Ted recording:

Yeah it’s Ted with keys but it is STILL 100% Nuge’! I think Ted’s shredding on this show is the best out of the concerts here at the Vault. Even watered down Ted kicks the ass out of 99.9% of the other bands out there! It’s Nugent, you can’t go wrong!

Yeah, man. You can’t go wrong, unless Terrible Ted shoots you in the ass with a bow and arrow.

Speaking of that, has anybody seen Aldo Nova?  Maybe Ted shot him!  “Hey Nova, I got your fantasy right here!”

All joking aside, there’s some awesome listening to be found within this Valentine’s Day playlist from the Vault dudes.  Click here and check it all out for yourself.


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