It’s time for another “Way Out Wednesday,” and this time we’re celebrating Turkey Day with “Thanksgiving Songs to Tickle Your Funnybone” (rescued from the library’s booksale, as the “withdrawn” stamp will attest to). Unfortunately I don’t think this album is related to the original “Songs That Tickle Your Funnybone.” What the singers do here is do silly songs relating to Thanksgiving using tunes you should be familiar with already. It’s not the greatest kids’ album in the world but hey, how many Thanksgiving children’s records are there?

We start with the song “It’s Thanksgiving,” sung to the tune of “Oh Susannah.” This song cuts to the heart of what the holiday is all about: being invaded by relatives and everybody eating until they puke. (All right, that’s not literally what they sing, but it’s close.)

It’s Thanksgiving

The next song, “Thanksgiving’s a Wonderful Thing,” uses the music from “My Bonnie.” It’s about…well, it’s about being invaded by relatives and everybody eating until they puke (although it could imply that there’s more than turkey on the menu with a lyric like “My brother is covered in gravy.”)

Thanksgiving’s a Wonderful Thing

“The Alburquerque Turkey” actually doesn’t feature the same theme as the previous two songs here. It’s about a person (or possibly an entire city) owning a pet turkey. He’s a great pet, but is he good enough to survive Thanksgiving?

The Alburquerque Turkey

Finally, we have the song that came the closest to tickling my funnybone, “I’m a Poor Little Cranberry Bush.” The aforementioned shrubbery will agree to tell you his tale “if you shush,” while using as many rhymes for the word “bush” as it possibly can.

I’m a Poor Little Cranberry Bush

If you’d like to hear the entire album, it can be found here. Sorry this seems sort of rushed, but we’re preparing to be invaded by relatives and…you know the rest!