Sometimes, itÁ¢€™s not whom you know, but whom you call family.

The interwebs are not very forthcoming about the origins and chart history of Boogie Box High, the nom de guerre of one Andros Georgiou. This, of course, assumes that either origins or chart history exist in the first place, and that they consist of something other than Á¢€Å“HeÁ¢€™s George MichaelÁ¢€™s cousin, and he almost had a hit once.Á¢€ Imagine the sting of humiliation Georgiou must have felt when he got his record deal, released his oh-so-1987 remake of the Bee GeesÁ¢€™ Á¢€Å“Jive TalkinÁ¢€™Á¢€ as a single, positive that he was sitting on a worldwide smash…and then George MichaelÁ¢€™s label, Epic, only allows the song to be released if the single makes no mention of Michael appearing on the track. Which is hilarious when you think about it Á¢€” who the hell else could it possibly be? By the way, Andros, your single will not be released in the US. Tough break, cousin.

And that pretty much sums up the musical career of one Andros Georgiou. Boogie Box High made one album, 1987Á¢€™s Outrageous (other notable guest appearance: Nick Heyward), and promptly disappeared into the ether. I cannot speak for the quality of Boogie Box HighÁ¢€™s full-length long player (though the two people who have submitted votes on Amazon each gave it one star), but Georgiou’s cover of Á¢€Å“Jive TalkinÁ¢€™Á¢€ is pretty damn good. And call me crazy, but I prefer the dated production of the album version to the 12Á¢€ mix, which is far too similar to the Brothers GibbÁ¢€™s original. There is something in those hyper-echoed snare hits that has me reaching down to peg my pant legs. I have submitted both the awesomely overproduced LP version of the track, and the subsequent none-more-Gibb 12Á¢€ mix. Which one do you prefer?

Boogie Box High – Jive Talkin’ (LP Version)

Boogie Box High – Jive Talkin’ (12″ Mix)

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