Programming note: this week’s “10 Movies” column was written/dictated by a discerning expert who knows and appreciates race-car cinema far more than I: my four-year-old nephew, Jaden.


They’re at a big party and then the race car goes by through the city! And then the man gets in the other race car and chases the first racer and they go really fast and then there’s all this stuff blowing away!

Stroker Ace

He has a mustache and he’s really nice and he races on the racetrack and smashes the car. VROOOOOOOM!

The Cannonball Run

I liked this movie because Stroker Ace is in it, but he’s not on the race track he’s on the highway and he drives fast like my dad! GRRRRR! VROOOOOOOM! ZOOOOOOM!

Talladega Nights

Mommy says I’m not allowed to watch this but I don’t know why.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

It’s like regular Faster Furious, but the cars so sideways and go screeeeeeech and they’re in the street and I like Pokemons, too but cars mostly.

Herbie Fully Loaded

It’s funny when Herbie sneezes and hits the guy in the fanny! There’s a girl in it, but girls are gross, but the girl in this movie makes me feel weird.

Speed Racer

The race cars were really fast, but all of the lights blinked a lot and it made my brain so all WURRTZ WURRTZ ZZZZIZZZIIZLZLELLEE and I had to go to bed for an hour and Mommy didn’t let me finish the movie but I have a Speed Racer car!

Days of Thunder



This is the best movie EVER MADE AND IT IS MY FAVORITE!

Cars 2

This is my favorite movie of ever made and it’s the best movie ever, too!