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Sparse, clean and yet filled with color and feel, Delusions, the new album from Seattle native (and current Chicago resident) Andy Metz covers the musical canvas quite brightly.  Considering this is Metz’ first new album in seven years, it shows he hasn’t lost his knack for writing a melody and offering up interesting lyrics.

His dry, workman-like voice has a touch of humor – certainly on the darker or at least more tongue-in-cheek – and works perfectly on a song like “Evil” (“…oh, I’m evil and I hope you run away…”), with a simple singalong tune carried by keyboards; “Take My Heart” has fine harmonies, crisp acoustic guitar figures and the melody suits the lyrical content (“…take my heart/take my soul/for the last time/’cause I ain’t given them out no more…”) and “Guns” is one of the more “tense” and tight numbers – certainly a poignant piece at this particular moment in time – and the delivery is a clever mix of singing and rapping the verses.  “Santa Fe” is melancholic and gentle; “I Might Break” is stripped down with just acoustic guitar, strings and slight percussion and “Old Man” is warm and fully realized in its minimal delivery.

Eleven fine songs; something for every taste and filled with some very deft songwriting.  Delusions is nothing short of a fine reality.

Delusions is available now