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Legendary studio guitarist Dennis Coffey had a hit of his own in '71

It's one thing to receive a CD for review; it's another to be knocked out by what you hear but then be even more

This new album by Bongos frontman and New York City mainstay Richard Barone is both a labor of true love and an incredibly detailed

Popdose is both pleased and proud to bring to you the new video from Loveland Duren, from their very recently released album Next, "Not

Soul Serenade - Chris KennerThis week we’re headed way down yonder to New Orleans to take a look at the life and work of Chris Kenner. I can’t say for sure, but since he was born in Kenner, Louisiana, a few miles west of the Crescent City, it seems likely that Kenner adopted the name of his hometown for professional purposes.

Kenner was born in Kenner in 1929, but by the time he was in his teens he was living in New Orleans and working on the waterfront. He began his singing career with a gospel group called the Harmonising Four. By 1956 he had signed with Baton Records and released his first single, “Grandma’s House.” But it took a move to Imperial Records the following year to enable Kenner to find his first success.

This fine debut album from East Nashville singer/songwriter Josh Farrow mixes Southern soul, shades of The Band and Leon Russell and is one of

Lord, bring us a song to save us from the bad day caused by Daniel Powter's "Bad Day."

After last night's presidential debate, I think all of our collective brains could use a cleansing. This morning, Simone, a rising talent on the Los

As quickly as we had the review up for Allyson Seconds' new album, the splendid Little World, we now have the 1st video, the

Classic rock -- and those who love them -- get covered with reviews of Aisles, Bubble Gum Orchestra, The Beach Boys, Journey, Toto, Mecca,

No Turn Left Behind is the debut album from singer/songwriter Lisa Said.  This singer/songwriter/guitarist was born in Cairo (!) and was transplanted first to

Soul Serenade - MotownEvery year in December many websites, including Popdose, publish holiday gift-giving guides. I’ve even written a few myself, recommending good music, books, and film for the people on your Christmas list. Record companies and publishers like to release their latest packages in the last few months of the year to take advantage of this kind of publicity.

Personally, I’m not much of an early Christmas shopper. But this year a book has been released that would be the perfect gift for anyone who reads this column, as well as like-minded loved ones and friends. I know what you’re thinking — why is this guy talking about Christmas when it was just Labor Day? Believe me, I feel your pain, but I had to make an exception this one time.

Jamie Seerman is the mind and voice of Jaymay; she's a visual artist and singer/songwriter/performer.  And now, this New York native has just unleashed

When she was 17, it was a very good year. That is, if you're Hailey Knox in 2016. The singer/songwriter from Carmel, NY has

Popdose is very pleased to present this new single and video from Dears guitarist/singer/songwriter, Patrick Krief.  With this new track,  “All Is Lost,” it’s

In a perfect world, Duckie would have won Andie's heart in Pretty in Pink; Xander would have wound up with Buffy, or at least Cordelia;

It should be an immediate moment of sitting up and taking notice of Allyson Seconds' latest offering, Little World, just by virtue of the

Time and time again, compilations of certain artists are released that never seem to do that artist complete justice.  I can think of a

Soul Serenade - Bunny SiglerI’m headed back to Philadelphia next week and for me it’s a place where the good times roll. My upcoming trip put me in mind of Bunny Sigler, an early progenitor of Philly Soul who hit it big with his 1967 hit “Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Good.” The two-song mashup reached #22 in the summer of that year.

When Sigler was born in Philadelphia in 1941 his parents named him Walter. But since he was born just two days before Easter, he took on the nickname Bunny almost immediately, and it stuck. His love of music began when he attended his mother’s Baptist church as a child. The church music inspired him to form his own vocal group when he was in high school, and so the Opals were born. The group was a quartet that included Sigler’s brother.

This Tampa native turned New York resident offers up her sophomore effort, this five song E.P., Living In My Head.  Sultry voiced, sonically powerful

I can remember those days - the tail end of college and my first job right after graduation - overseeing Roadrunner Records' "alternative" label. 

When I introduced you to Loveland Duren and Bloody Cupid in 2013, I'd heard a debut album so strong, so sophisticated and yet soulful

Ten tracks, gifted songwriters and killer performances - what more can be said about Lakeside, the first new album from guitar legend Eric "Roscoe"

Soul Serenade - Johnny BristolIn 1974 Johnny Bristol set the charts alight with his biggest hit, “Hang On In There Baby,” but he traveled a long road to get to that point. Bristol was born in Morgantown, North Carolina in 1939. By his own admission, his show business career began purely by chance.

In the 1950’s Bristol joined the Air Force, and he was stationed at Fort Custer near Battle Creek, Michigan. There he met a fellow airman by the name of Jackey Beavers. The two men had a common interest in singing, so they decided to form a duo which they called Johnny and Jackey. They played doo-wop shows in the Detroit area, and one night Gwen Gordy, sister of Berry Gordy, was in the audience. She was impressed enough to sign the duo to a management contract.

Sometimes you don't need hyperbole or over-analysis to sum up an album.  This new album from Seth Swirsky, a 30-plus year veteran of MANY

A Fan's NotesThere are some songwriters that just speak to you. You know what I’m talking about, right? They may not be world famous, they may not even be known outside of a limited geographical area, and yet, the music and lyrics they write hit you where you live.

Keith Monacchio is one of those songwriters for me. Keith is from Trenton, New Jersey, and when I first met him about ten years ago we were both plying the Asbury Park music scene, Keith in his fine band, the Commons, and me as guy with guitar and a newly released album. At the time Keith’s songs were dark, but with a wicked vein of humor running through them, and they appealed to me right away.

Welcome once again to the Popdose Labor Day Mixtape, our annual curated playlist of music and songs about work, economics, and the dubious joys

When we first introduced you to Liz Longley, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter, we said that we could expect to hear great things.  And with


Soul Serenade - Tony ClarkeThis column is the very definition of a labor of love. I’ve been writing it every week for more than five years, and I don’t think I’ve ever missed a week. I wish there was a bigger audience for the column, but I’m happy to have the regular readers that I have. There is no budget. There is no time to set up interviews with the people who made the music I write about, and I don’t have access to all the material necessary to write really comprehensive stories about the records I feature.

What I’m left with, in the end, are whatever online resources I can find. Wikipedia is helpful, so is AllMusic.com. Then there are the more obscure music sites that a Google search might track down. Sometimes the searches turn up very little, and yet, that doesn’t seem like a very good reason to not tell you about a great record.

The first word that comes to mind when listening to Camille Bloom and her new album Pieces Of Me is "warmth".  The sweetness of

You want "immediate classic"?  Well, that's what you get with this new album from Detroit-area power-pop legend (the classification suits him to a "T")

Established in 1999, The Anderson Council is the brainchild of singer and songwriter Peter Horvath, whose love affair with late 60’s pop informs and inspires

Norah Jones, Bear Mountain, EarlyMorningRebel, and OneRepublic are in the Single Play Spotlight this week

This Vienna, Austria-based trio firmly have their roots in the synth pop of the early-to-mid '80's,  but that doesn't necessarily make them revivalists or

Soul Serenade - The O'KaysionsThey called themselves the Kays when they first got together in Kenly, North Carolina. The year was 1959, and the original lineup included guitarist Wayne Pittman, trumpet player Eddie Dement, sax player Gerald Toler, bassist Jimmy Hinnant, drummer Steve Watson, and vocalist/organ player Donnie Weaver, who was only 12 years-old at the time.

It took nearly 10 years, but on February 8, 1968, the O’Kaysions found themselves in what was described as a “broom closet studio” called Sound Studio in Greenville, NC. That day they recorded a song that Pittman had written called “Girl Watcher.” The record featured the now 22 year-old Weaver on the lead vocal. Weaver was also responsible for the idea of re-christening the band as the O’Kaysions.

Before we review a bunch of stellar new records, let's have a quick recap of the year: fireworks, hangover, Bowie dies. Frey dies. Prince

This Brooklyn-born band, led by singer-guitarist Kait Eldridge has a punchy, crisp sound, full of high energy, guitar driven pop in that classic late

This sophomore effort from Waiting For Henry is the perfect elixir to a hot, uninspiring summer - breezy, melodic and guitar-laden end-to-end.  The New

The imposing Midnight Oil frontman returns to music with his solo debut.

A brief history of one of the better heavy bands of the early '80's - and one which even captured my imagination (having been