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Comrades Podcast: Episode 7, “Behind the Red Door”

Well, Malchus has an actual excuse for the tardiness of this week’s podcast. He was in Arizona visiting the parental units (that’s an ’80s phrase, in case you were wondering). The rush to get the podcast done is his only excuse for the lamest geography statement in recent history. New England a state? C’mon, dude, you took AP History once upon a time. Anyway, this week’s episode of The Americans was full of tension and questions of loyalty. While sad sack Stan starts to feel pressure from all sides, Phillip has longings for his homeland. And Elizabeth, well, she’s starting to unravel. In other words, it was another great episode. Listen before you watch the newest episode, or listen just because you like two guys b.s.’ing and trying to outdo each other with the titles of songs from the early ’80s.  Until next week, do svidaniya. Comrades, Episode 7, “Behind the Red Door” Comrades is produced by Southgate Media Group and is available through subscription on iTunes. Or you can listen here! Thanks for checking …

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Comrades Podcast: Episode 6, “The Deal”

Boy, this season has been great, with each episode better than the last. But you know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be back here, checking out the latest episode of Comrades.  This week, Jeff and Scott not only break down the latest episode, but the celebrate the genius of Kenny Rogers, as they should! Comrades is produced by Southgate Media Group and is available through subscription on iTunes. Or you can listen here! Thanks for checking in, and as always, thanks for reading Popdose! See you next week. Comrades Episode 6, “The Deal”

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Comrades Podcast: Episode 4, “The Walk In”

Welcome back to Comrades, a weekly podcast/discussion/ramblefest about the FX series, The Americans. This week’s stellar episode of the show was entitled “The Walk In.” It featured a distracted Elizabeth, Paige taking a road trip, and Stan getting a big reward. Okay, he slept with Nina again, but he’s also getting a medal! Do Jeff and Scott live up to the greatness of the episode. That’s for you to decide. In this week’s podcast we also discuss Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes the Flood.”  The version used in “The Walk In” is from Gabriel’s 1977 self-titled solo album, often referred to as Peter Gabriel 1 or Car. Gabriel rerecorded the song twice, including this version that appears on Robert Fripp’s 1979 album, Exposure. Comrades is produced by Southgate Media Group, a website dedicated to podcasts. They’ve recently expanded beyond TV to include podcasts about comic books and sports. You can listen to Comrades three ways: through the SMG website, by subscribing to it on iTunes, or with the link below. However you choose to listen to …

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Comrades Podcast: Episode 3, “Cardinal”

Dinner plans and busy work schedules. These are the reasons for the delay in the latest podcast! Welcome back to Comrades, a weekly podcast devoted to the FX drama, The Americans. In this week’s edition, Jeff and Scott spend a late night discussing the many wonders of Bo Derek’s Playboy issue, look back on their hometown second-run movie theater, recall the highs and lows of working with model glue, and find time to talk about the most recent episode of The Americans, “Cardinal.” This episode was so tense with paranoia, Scott said that the only think missing was the era appropriate Kinks song, “Destroyer.” We included it here for your enjoyment. Thanks for listening to the podcast, and be sure to check out the Comrades Facebook page and all of the other TV centric podcasts at Southgate Media Group.  And remember, you can subscribe to Comrades on iTunes. Have a great week! Comrades Episode 3, “Cardinal”