If You Like Reggae, I Promise You’re Going to Love Nesbeth’s New Single

Written by Music

nesbethWhen I was in my mid teens I was obsessed with Bob Marley. SHOCKER. But unlike every other Midwestern white kid who bandied the term “rasta” about with no clue what it meant, sported the colors of Jamaica, or bragged about how much weed they’d smoked, I was purely in it for the music. (And, let’s be real, those kids were definitely showing off baggies full of oregano.) Even now, I’ll randomly hit on a reggae station while I’m driving and do some jammin’.

But it’s hard to find the same good-quality island music without it being overprocessed by Auto-Tune or hijacked by some scantily clad pop star. Enter Nesbeth, whose head-bopping brand of reggae is sure to sway even the stanchest squares. His new single, “My Dream,” features those same infectious riffs and word plays that first drew me to Marley, while the accompanying video transports the listener to a better (and warmer) place — and island paradise complete with cracking coconuts. What more could you want?

Check out the video for Nesbeth’s “My Dream” below, and be sure to follow his music journey via his official website.