Lost in the ’80s: Glamour Camp, “She Did It”

Written by Lost in the '80s, Music

By 1989, The Cars were history and leader Ric Ocasek embarked as a full-time solo artist, flexing his Roxy Music/Iggy Pop/Suicide influences to the hilt with a more commercial pop sheen. Not surprisingly, The Cars and Ocasek had built up so much rock goodwill by the end of the ’80s that a second-generation Ocasek rocker was able to score a major-label deal.

Glamour CampChristopher Otcasek, keeping his surname’s correct spelling, formed Glamour Camp and signed to EMI Records, where they released their self-titled debut album. While there’s nary a trace of dad, Glamour Camp treaded on some similar ground, with Otcasek affecting an Iggy croon on the album’s leadoff single, “She Did It.” Anyone expecting a nepotistic train wreck were disappointed; while it was nothing too remarkable or groundbreaking, “She Did It” was perfectly serviceable, even charting on the Modern Rock charts and garnering some light rotation MTV play.

Unfortunately, “pleasant and serviceable” doesn’t necessarily always translate into “big seller,” so Glamour Camp’s debut served also as its swan song. However, the band did score somewhat the following year, when their remake of “Real Wild Child” — a song that, yes, Otcasek idol Iggy co-wrote — was featured on the Pretty Woman soundtrack, which went on to sell slightly under a gazillion copies.

So in that respect, Glamour Camp lives on in millions of CD collections, quite probably with no one even realizing it.

It’s currently out of print, but you can grab used copies of the Glamour Camp CD on Amazon for a whopping 1¢.