Popdose Exclusive Video Premiere: Ben Lorentzen, “Alabaster Jar”

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Back in July, I presented to you dear Popdose readers two videos by dark rocker Ben Lorentzen, whose home country of Norway and its months-long winters serve as inspiration. Those two videos, “Dead Man in the Closet” and “Crows on the Wire” were the first two parts in a four-part series. Now, I’m so excited to premiere the final installment: “Alabaster Jar.”

The video is more of the dramatic scenery captured in black and white with a power-ballady chorus that has just enough air-punching exuberance to warrant repeated listens. It’s a fitting and strong finish for Lorentzen and director Johan Anderson and a delight for viewers who followed the recurring characters throughout the videos from Lorentzen’s Pain and Pleasures album from the beginning.

Without further ado, check out the video for Ben Lorentzen’s “Alabaster Jar” below!