Stream Now: Kye Alfred Hillig, “Useless Keys”

Written by Download Now, Music

Heartbreak is no fun, but Kye Alfred Hillig’s latest single makes it sound sweet.

I have all these useless keys
I keep shoving into locks hoping you’ll open up to me,
but maybe it’s just a dream

We’ve all been there, right? It’s an unbearable state. Credit to Kye Alfred Hillig, then, for making it seem so achingly appealing with “Useless Keys,” which gussies up its moody arrangement with just enough electronic stutters, haunting background vocals, and handclaps to send a person soaring back to their favorite heartbreak.

Plus, it has some really cool backward guitar.

“Useless Keys” is cut from Hillig’s latest release, Real Snow, which you should definitely check out here. Like a crazy person, he’s giving away the whole goddamn thing for free — go download it and soak in all this sweet melancholy before he wises up.