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Here’s Something Else!: More Must Hear TV — Prime-time Themes That Still Rock

There are TV themes you remember. “All In The Family,” with its way-back talk of President Hoover and LaSalle cars. Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams cooing together, “What would we do, baby, without us?” Bars where everybody knows your name. Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band’s familiar “hey, hey, hey!” Then, there are the prime-time themes that just rock.

Bootleg City: The House of Love in Amsterdam, April ’90

The mayor’s office in Bootleg City was completely dark as I cracked open the door. “Thank God,” I thought to myself. I had absentmindedly left my Cure reissues there before Christmas and was hoping to sneak in and pick them up without incident. As I fumbled for the light switch, however, an inexplicable chill washed over me, as icy and slick as a Trevor Horn production. To my horror, I soon realized why. Although it was the end of the first week of 2010, it became clear that Mayor Cass hadn’t yet been into work this decade. A crooked “Happy New Year!” sign drooped onto the curtains, while half-eaten Hot Pockets congealed on plastic plates on a nearby table. Flimsy cups filled with cheap champagne decorated the cluttered mayoral desk, the bubbles long since fizzled out. A weeklong bender seemed unlikely, even for Mayor Cass, but I dutifully checked every alley behind every bar I knew he frequented, looking for the telltale slumped figure. I found nothing. Several calls to Heaven Is One Coffee-Stained Couch …