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Like Omigod!, Music

Like, Omigod! Digging Through the ’80s Pop Culture Box, Part 12

A super-sized fun-pak to round out Disc 3! #16 Bertie Higgins, “Key Largo” (1982) Billboard Top Ten; #1 adult contemporary. youtube...

Farkakte Film Flashback, Film

Farkakte Film Flashback: Newspapers Go to the Movies

Pete Chianca pays tribute to films about cleaning up elephant poop. Wait, what?...


Beyond the Wonder, Music

Beyond the Wonder: Just Another Day in Paradise

Chris Holmes examines a buried treasure from the golden age of soft rock - Bertie Higgins' 1982 solo debut Just Another Day in Paradise....


Basement Songs, Film

Basement Songs: 52 Saturday Nights

Last year I began to reevaluate my life (that happens when you turn 40) and the pursuit of the dream I had as a boy. What was it about...


DVD Reviews

DVD Review: “The Enforcer” and “Protégé”

Dragon Dynasty, which put out an action-packed package of Jackie Chan’s Supercop in January, serves up a double helping of Hong Kong...