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Toddler Television: Thomas Land Is Coming! (You’ve Been Warned)

Yes, there were times as a toddler when my son Tim, now 12, would have fits in the supermarket, or demand to be carried for hours on end,...

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The Thirteenth Day of Mellowmas: Beware of False Kermits

Jason: Quick, Jeff: tell me your favorite Christmas record of all time. Jeff: Oh, man. If you’d asked me that during the first couple...

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Blu-ray Review: The Muppet Movie: the Original Classic- Nearly 35th Anniversary Edition

It doesn’t matter how many new Muppet movies get made, though; none can equal the charm and witty humor of the 1979 original....

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Soundtrack Saturday Special Edition! Best Original Song, 1982

After a two-year hiatus, Kelly Stitzel's Soundtrack Saturday returns! This week, she takes a look at the Best Original Song Oscar nominees...

Blu-ray Reviews, Film

Blu-ray review: “The Muppets: The Wocka Wocka Combo Pack”

What are you waiting for? The Muppets are on Blu-ray....

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Comics Review: “Tale of Sand”

Maybe someone more in tune with themselves than I am can find some kind of hidden meaning in Archaia’s Tale of Sand, an adaptation of an...


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Way Out Wednesday: Rowlf the Dog, “Ol’ Brown Ears Is Back”

When I was younger, I loved Sesame Street, especially the Muppets. I still have cassette tapes (that’s audio, not video) of bits from the...


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Bootleg City: Lou Reed in Stockholm, May ’74

It’s rare that I get a chance to talk to the artists whose music I steal each week, so when the opportunity arises I seize it....