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Album Review: Kaada, “Closing Statements”

The new record from the Norwegian composer Kaada is a beautiful thing, immense in scope yet startlingly intimate. But, while it plays on a...

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Album Review: Dead Cross, “Dead Cross”

Mike Patton has never fronted a band like this. The Faith No More frontman, known by most of the populace alive in the 80s and 90s for a...

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Popdose Profile: Chuck Mosley — It’s a Dirty Job, But Someone’s Gotta Do It

Regarding Chuck Mosley, the voice of Faith No More's "We Care A Lot" and "Introduce Yourself." ...

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Reissue Review: Faith No More, “We Care a Lot” (Deluxe Band Edition)

Let’s fold back the sheets on 2016, this death’s bed of a year, by focusing our attention on one of its brighter moments, an overlooked...

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Review: Faith No More – “Sol Invictus”

Faith No More, after an 18-year recorded absence, is back today with a new CD, Sol Invictus, and the band sounds as finely tuned and...

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Review: Zu – “Cortar Todo”

Want a quick hit summary on an interesting record? Zu’s Cortar Todo, out now on Mr. Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records, is a mind-bending...

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Album Review: tētēma, “Geocidal”

Sabina Maselli’s spirited avant-film experimentation is the perfect introduction to tētēma, the Anthony Pateras/Mike Patton duo...

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The Popdose Interview: Inside Faith No More + Mr. Bungle With Author Greg Prato

Author Greg Prato speaks with Popdose regarding his new book about Faith No More and Mr. Bungle....

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Book Review: Greg Prato, “The Faith No More & Mr. Bungle Companion”

In which Chris Holmes reviews Greg Prato's The Faith No More & Mr. Bungle Companion. The verdict? You should care a lot....

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Live Music: Tomahawk, Best Buy Theater, New York City, 6/2/13

The only thing I experienced last night that was more intense than Tomahawk was the near-Biblical thunderstorm I drove through on the way...

Lutra Lutra

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Parlour to Parlour, Episode 38: Lutra Lutra

"It's like hearing any of your five favorite primo-voiced pop princesses aiming for, and succeeding at, creating high art."...



Tomahawk, Oddfellows: The Spin Cycle Review

Tomahawk is back with their fourth full-length, "Oddfellows." Come check out our review!...

Led Zeppelin O2 Arena reunion

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The Top 8 Reunions I’ll Never See Because the World Is Ending

You can't say these eight bands didn't have their chance to do it one last time before the world came to an end....

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 62

One song in this room just filled the expanse with methane. Can you guess which one? - Dw. Dunphy, on seeing the second batch of songs for...

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The Popdose Guide to the Melvins

Dave Steed takes the long journey through the odd career of the legendary Melvins. ...

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Popdose Secret Single: The “Hits” Of Dr. Demento

Popdose prepares to stay deee-mented....

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CD Review: Dub Trio, “IV”

They've recently worked with Mike Patton and Matisyahu but Dub Trio is back with a new record of their own. ...


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The Friday Mixtape: 6/5/09

Let’s go outside. No, let’s go waaaaay outside! Erik Sanko – The Perfect Flaw from Past Imperfect, Present Tense (2001)...


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The Friday Mixtape: 5/29/09

This week’s mixtape is Chris Hansen approved! Truly! Would Chris Hansen steer you wrong? By the way, why don’t you head into...


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White Label Wednesday: Faith No More, “We Care a Lot”

Who are these men, and why do they care so much? David Medsker finds out in the latest edition of White Label Wednesday....