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Metal Monday Volume 108 (2.4.13)

Make no mistake, Jesse Leach is back. “In Due Time”, the first single off of one of the most anticipated metal releases of 2013, sees Killswitch Engage re-engage with their original singer without skipping a beat. It’s fast and it’s heavy and it’s everything you’d expect and more from the reinvigorated KSE line-up. Leach sounds brilliant and the positivity that he brings back to the lyrics after the oh so dark self-titled record is refreshing. Elsewhere, Adam D and Joel […]


Fall Out Boy, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)”: The Viewfinder Review

Um, so I really like this. If you didn’t know it already, Fall Out Boy are back! They have a new album due in May, a full blown tour ready to roll, and a whole new sound. I’ve been a casual fan since F.U.C.T. exploded all over the place but my attention span usually never went past the stage of getting their albums. I will say that I’ve always respected how FOB’s sound continued to evolve regardless of how their […]


Ulterior, The Bleach Room: The Spin Cycle Review

Make no mistake, no band is making the kind of music that Ulterior make in this day and age. Dark,goth-y and reeking of the smell of dry ice, fog machines and clubs that have very strict dress codes on Friday nights, The Bleach Room is like the opening salvo of The Hunger on acid. Think ’8o’s era Ministry or Skinny Puppy fronted by the bastard child of Peter Murphy and John Lydon with the full use of today’s technologies put through […]


Spin Cycle: Ra Ra Riot, Beta Love

  There are quite a few releases that I’m looking forward to in the first quarter of 2013. The first to hit shelves is Beta Love, the third full-length LP from indie darlings Ra Ra Riot. Following 2010′s The Orchard, the last time we had a new release from the band was their excellent cover of Steve Winwood’s “Valerie” a Record Store Day 2012 exclusive release. Just over a month ago, the band leaked “When I Dream” in advance of the album. As I noted in our Singles Bar post on the track , “When […]


Metal Monday Volume 106 (1.21.13)

With an onslaught of great MA bands set to release new material this year (Killswitch Engage, Summoner, Jack Burton vs. David LoPan), it helps to be the first out of the gates and that’s just what Gozu has done with their latest, The Fury Of A Patient Man. Take a mixture of Kyuss, The Desert Sessions discs, Hermano, and mix it with some good old fashioned rawk and roll and you’ll know what Gozu’s The Fury Of A Patient Man […]


Spin Cycle: blink-182, “Dogs Eating Dogs”

The very existence of blink-182′s new EP, Dogs Eating Dogs, might be surprising for several reasons. For one, it was rather quietly released online the week before Christmas. For another, it’s the band’s first independent release since splitting from longtime label DGC/Interscope several months ago. But most surprising is that, in five songs across 19 furious minutes, Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker have finally delivered upon the promise of their most mature and affecting album, 2003′s self-titled effort. Their last full-length, 2011′s  Neighborhoods , was […]


Gozu, “Bald Bull”, The Singles Bar Review

There is a lot of great stoner metal coming out of the Boston area that people need to pay attention to. Gozu is one such band and their latest single “Bald Bull” off the forthcoming The Fury Of A Patient Man full length is sure to be proof of that. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Gozu beyond the fact that their last album, Locust Season ,  reminded me of Kyuss and completely kicked ass. Listening to the riff driven loveliness of “Bald Bull” with Marc […]