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Popdose Giveaway: What? Yes, You Can Win “The Internship” on Blu-ray

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are back at it. The stars of the hit comedy, The Wedding Crashers, reunite for The Internship starring as two...

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Blu-ray Review: “The Big Year”

"The Big Year" may not be a laugh riot, but it's better than you'd think....

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Basement Songs: “Night at the Museum”

A look at Ben Stiller's fantasy comedy in this week's Basement Songs....


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Blu-ray Review: “Hall Pass”

Hall Pass (Warner Bros., 2011) Take a promising cast full of comedic talent, give them a perfectly humorous premise, and put the directors...



Hollywood Hotline: “Fooling April”

A mystery landed on the Popdose doorstep: the treatment for Jennifer Aniston's upcoming "Fooling April" -- The horror, the horror....


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The Popdose Podcast: Episode 13

What happens when pop culture forces collide, and why do they almost always suck? Matt Wardlaw, Michael Parr, and Dave Lifton discuss it on...