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TV on DVD: “The Midnight Special” (Collector’s Edition Box Set)

If you dig Seventies music, you'll dig the massive DVD box set celebrating "The Midnight Special." Rob Smith reviews....

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Popdose Giveaway: “The Midnight Special” 11-DVD Collector’s Edition Box Set

Popdose gives away a copy of The Midnight Special 11-DVD Collector's Edition!...

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You’re Dead to Us: Medleys

In which we look at once common curiosities of pop culture that don’t exist anymore, be it because of changing tastes, the fragmentation...


Popdose Giveaway: Win Tickets To See Peter Frampton In Cleveland

Legendary guitarist Peter Frampton spent the past couple of years on the road celebrating the 35th anniversary of his world renowned...

AM Gold: 1976

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Digging for Gold: The Time-Life “AM Gold” Series, Part 57

As America celebrated its 200th birthday in 1976, two of its biggest hits were the theme song to a show about the 1950s and a retro disco...


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Greatest Un-Hits: The Posies, “Going, Going, Gone” (1994)

Back in the 1990s, there were these things called non-sequel movies, and the people that made these movies promoted them with...


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Ticket Stub: Moments of Love — Celebrating Valentine’s Day

With Cupid watching closely, Matt Wardlaw spent some time dissecting the Valentine's Day playlist for lovers from Wolfgang's Vault. Inside,...


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Bottom Feeders: The Rock End of the ’80s, Part 18

Part 18 is a short one in order to make a clean break from the letter F, but most of the songs are quality and that’s what counts,...


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CD Review: Peter Frampton, “Thank You Mr. Churchill”

Considering that I was only three years old when Peter Frampton’s first solo album, Wind of Change, came out, I couldn’t tell...


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The Popdose Interview: Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani discusses his career, his writing methods, and the future of Chickenfoot in Michael Burke's latest Popdose Interview....


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Bootleg City: The Cranberries in Munich, October ’94

Hey, the head man is out of town! This is such a freakin’ good idea. See, when our “public servants” walk into office...


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CHART ATTACK!: 11/20/76

A duck, a muskrat, and Rod Stewart in a bowtie -- the only thing that could save this Billboard Top 10 is a four-minute talkbox solo. It's...


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Unsolicited Career Advice for… David Bowie

You never know when your college friends may become useful professional contacts. One night 17 years ago, Lev Skwatzenschitz and I found...


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Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 33

This week you get another extended post so we can finish up the letter F nice and clean. Without further ado, I give you the final batch of...