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The Viewfinder: Bleu, “Somebody Else (2013 Version)”

Power-pop fans, rejoice! Killer solo artist, songwriter to the stars, and Popblerd favorite Bleu has released “Somebody Else”, part of a project to re-imagine the songs from his 2003 major-label debut Redhead. It’s all in anticipation of Bleu’s forthcoming 5th LP, To Hell With You, a fan-funded record that promises to be awesome. And we’ll be giving you the hard sell on To Hell With You when it happens, but until then, enjoy Bleu’s re-recorded “Somebody Else”, complete with modern production flourishes and […]

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Drews & Don’ts: 7 Modern-ish Country Songs That Actually Don’t Suck

I’m just gonna lay it all out on the table: country music sucks. Oh, there are qualifiers (there are always qualifiers). Before you collectively leap down my throat, let me list them for you: I am aware that country music used to be fairly awesome. So there’s no need to remind me that Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson exist; I’m keenly aware of them and have nothing but respect for their art. “Jolene”? “The Gambler”? “The Devil Went Down to […]


Drews & Don’ts: The Top 7 Great Unheralded Albums By Oft-Heralded Artists

Every Wednesday, music nerd and serial list-maker Drew brings you a small, highly specific, pop culture-related list to either enjoy or inspire debate. He remains the only Popblerd staffer pretentious enough to name a column after himself. First things first: these aren’t necessarily the most underrated albums of all time. That’s a different column for a different day, and for my money, would probably be populated with a fairly tiresome amount of Boston bands (still the liveliest music city I’ve […]

Norah Jones, "Little Broken Hearts"

Songs in the Key of Life 30: “Don’t Know Why”

Years back there was a woman in Brooklyn, NY who gave birth to a baby boy. As he grew, he developed a particular set of skills that made him a nightmare to his peers. His confidence made him soar above expectations. With his chosen weapon in hand he would shoot for the stars and most times hit his target.  As a matter of fact, he became one of the greatest marksmen of all times.  What made him so great was […]