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Fuzzy Turkey Sandwich, Episode Two: Phil Harris, The Legend of Wonga

Two bears, a cat, the thing in the box, his own grandpa, dogs playing poker & more....


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TV on DVD: New Technology Brings Us “The New Adventures of Robin Hood: The Complete First Season”

Fans of Robin Hood rejoice for The New Adventures of Robin Hood has found its way to DVD.  Okay, maybe fans of the character of Robin Hood...


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No Concessions: Several Faces of “Robin Hood”

Is “I didn’t mind it too much” sufficient criticism of a $200 million dollar behemoth? Probably not for the front office, which...


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Bootleg City: Spoon, 11/8/07

Remember last week when I was duped into thinking I’d been sent that Air Supply bootleg by a guy named “R. Murdoch”? It...