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Popdose 2011: Mike Duquette’s Top Catalogue Projects

According to crazy people, next year will see the wholesale demise of compact discs as well as the heroic efforts of Jon Cusack saving the world from cataclysmic disaster. With that in mind, you’d think the year’s crop of reissues, box sets and other catalogue sets would be wildly disappointing. In fact, they managed to improve upon what wasn’t too shabby a year before. It felt like a week could not go by without reporting on some sort of vintage-oriented title, and with 2012 fast approaching, the time has come to tick off some of the best and the brightest – arranged in no order but alphabetically. The Beach Boys, The SMiLE Sessions (Capitol) It’s still hard to believe it’s legally possible to buy a set of material from The Beach Boys’ fabled unreleased album, the heartbreaking turning point for a band that should have had more years of transcendent pop music in them. Debate its merits as much as you want: at five CDs and a handful of vinyl, it’ll strike some as too comprehensive or too much like Brian Wilson’s completed …

Wandering the Aisles, Vol. 1: Hall & Oates for the Obsessed

It’s quite possible that, at some point in your life, you’ve dreaded going to the supermarket. All those crazy people, long lines and synapse-damaging packages can take a toll on anyone. You usually have two escape routes, if you’re shopping with someone else: look at the magazine racks and try to see how many pages of US Weekly you can get through before shrieking “Celebs are NOT just like us!” in protest, or sift through the discounted, often-dusty bins of overstocked CDs and DVDs. You’ve probably never bought one, though. After all, what could possibly inspire anyone to make their entertainment purchases at a grocery store instead of Amazon or, if you’re lucky enough, a homegrown record store? However, if you’re open to (or desperate for) a cheap fix of music or film, sometimes a supermarket can be a place to find buried treasure…if you don’t mind the occasional piece of fool’s gold along the way. You never know what you’ll find while Wandering the Aisles.