Boyle and Presley

The Sixteenth Day of Mellowmas: Boyleful, Not Triumphant

Jeff: So, Jason. Christmas music.

Jason: I feel like however I respond to this is going to be the wrong response, but okay. Yes. Christmas music.

Jeff: I’m sitting here thinking about how much Christmas music has changed in the years since we started doing this Mellowmas thing. Remember when you only saw a handful of holiday releases every year?

Jason: *sigh* I do remember. It was something to be excited about. Back when Air Supply released their Christmas album. Love is all, Jeff.

Jeff: These days, it seems like every damn artist has to have one. Even artists who aren’t dried up like Air Supply!

Jason: I will kill you dead, you son of a bitch.

Jeff: MAJOR artists be releasing Christmas albums, Jason. MULTIPLE Christmas albums, even. We’re talking artists who sell MOTHER-IN-LAW type units.

Jason: Yes, this is true. EVERYBODY is releasing a Christmas album.


Jeff: You’re totally on the right track here.

Jason: Ed Chabot feat Martin Jagodensky!

Jeff: No, turn back! Think of artists who can afford the very best.

Jason: Well, there goes my thought of it being Benny Mardones.

Jeff: Artists whose particular blend of glossy production and gloopy, lowest-common-denominator mawkish sentiment ensure years and years of platinum sales. Artists who might not even think twice about plundering a dead superstar’s vaults in order to “record” a “duet.”

Jason: Oh no.

It can’t be.

You mean…

Jeff: *leans forward expectantly*

Jason: ….Susan Boyle?

Jeff: YES! Susan goddamn Boyle!


Didn’t she JUST release a Christmas album? With “Don’t Dream It’s Over” inexplicably on it?

Jeff: Yes, just a Mellowmas or two ago! It was dreadful. And now she’s back.

For her latest trick, she’s collaborated with Elvis Presley from beyond the grave.


Jeff: “O Come All Ye Faithful,” Jason. Joyful and triumphant and dead.

Jason: I feel dirty. It’s so WRONG.

Jeff: Is this worse than the time Kenny G shit all over Louis Armstrong? I wonder. We’ll have to listen to Susan and Elvis first to decide, I guess.

Jason: I was going to question why we’d do something so tasteless, but then I remembered MELLOWMAS.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s drenched in Mellowmas spirit, at least in terms of the concept. Let’s sample the goods, shall we?

Jason: Ugh fine.

Jeff: I hope that’s David Foster on the piano.

Jason: That’s definitely newly recorded piano.

Jeff: Newly recorded Susan, too!

Jason: Where’s Elvis?

Jeff: Hi, Elvis!

Jason: Oh, there he is. Wow, this is terribly mixed!

Jeff: This is amazing.


Jeff: This is just one insanely greedy corpsefuck.

Jason: You can hear the hiss all over his vocal!

Jeff: And WOW, is that production gross.

Jason: Or maybe that’s the hiss of all his fans, who are fucking disgusted right now.


Jeff: Every note is offensive, Jason. Glory to Mellowmas, glory in the highest. Nothing about this went right, from the first idea to the final note.

Jason: Everybody who was involved with this track has blood on their hands.

Jeff: “Susan, I have a great idea. For your second holiday album in less than five years, let’s have you duet with Elvis!”

“Isn’t he still dead?”

“No big deal. We’ll just take these master tapes here…”

“But we can only get like 45 seconds of Elvis out of these.”

“No problem. We’ll just call a kids’ choir and every goddamn musician we can find in the neighboring six counties, and stuff them all into a song that’s less than three minutes long. Elvis would have wanted it this way.”

Jason: *cha-ching*

Oh man, the people behind this were so smart. They made it a charity track.

Jeff: Gross. What’s the charity?

Jason: Proceeds go to Save The Children.

Jeff: Too late! They were already forced to sing on this shitty song!

Jason: Basically, if you hate this song, you don’t want to save the children. You want to kill the children.

Jeff: Can we start a new charity called Save the Children from Susan Boyle?

Jason: I feel like Susan Boyle and these kids were never, ever in the same studio together. I am pretty sure Susan Boyle does what she’s told.

Jeff: Part of me would like to believe Susan Boyle didn’t even know she’d be singing with Elvis until the album came out.

Jason: I think that’s entirely possible.

Jeff: But then there’s another, angrier part of me that just wants to blame someone famous for this travesty, and she makes a convenient scapegoat, so now I just want to sit in the dark and watch her fucking up on that one talk show from a few years back.

Jason: I forgot about that!


Jason: Well, either way, I feel disgusting. How about you?

Jeff: Oh, absolutely. Although I kind of do want someone to make a velvet painting out of the image on that YouTube video.

Jason: Better that imagery than the “official” video. Lots of photos of kids who need to be saved.

Jeff: I would like to see it framed on your bedroom wall. Can someone please make that happen this Mellowmas?


  • Jay

    “OH SHIT”.

    I just wanted to record my first words upon seeing the homepage just now.

  • Jay

    Now I’ll read and listen.

  • Jay

    That guy who does the percussion is on this somewhere, isn’t he? I don’t even know his name, that guy, whenever British people get together on stage, who’s shaking something.

  • Beau

    I still maintain this is how the Kermit Mellowmas track was recorded.

    Anyway, this is my favorite Susan Boyle video:

    (Duck! Don’t watch while eating!)

  • Beau

    Ray Cooper?

  • Jay

    “You know that guy? That fucking guy…”

  • rockymtranger

    First off, please please please PLEASE let Benny Mardones record a Christmas album. PLEASE!

    I’m going to say I didn’t mind this from just listening to it, but I am over these “back from the grave” duets. Your anger should be directed toward the baby boomers that make artists like Boyle viable and encourage them to release crap like “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

  • Jay

    Your first sentence was my first thought on seeing his name.

  • Jay

    Also, the officiële videoclip IS dangerous.

  • muteKi

    God, just. Why. Just, why. I do not understand. I cannot.

    I don’t know if this is better or worse than the Buble-Crosby holoduet from a few years back or not. Probably way worse, because this mix is absolutely hideous. And that has Buble looking a hilarious mixture of confused and terrified the whole way through:

    Also it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a school cafeteria, so it has that going for it too

  • kingofgrief

    The perfunctory purchase of this CD for my mother took place just before Thanksgiving. Take out the kids and I might have lasted more than 45 seconds (I love Elvis, but he’s mortal).

  • Scott Peterson

    I couldn’t even think of anything semi-humorous to say about this one (anyone who’s read any of my previous comments would likely say that was true for the other songs as well), until 1:48-1:54, when she sings “Bethlehahm.” So at least there was that one moment of regalosity to distract me from the horrific train wreck. (Glass half-full, right? Even if it’s half-full of rancid eggnog from several years ago.)

  • Speedy Pepper

    Does this count as necrophilia? If so maybe we could petition to have Susan brought up on charges? Maybe? MAYBE????

  • Jay

    Then in the dentist’s chair today where I saw some Hulu I saw this frighteningly bad(ly done) Macy’s ad called “Another Miracle On 34th St.” starring a debased Edmund Gwenn. The screen was subtitled so I was listening to the local “best of 80s, 90s and Today!” station. This was all before the needles.

  • jefito

    This is what we strive for!

  • jefito

    Oh God, I hope not. Is he really?

  • jefito

    I’m mad at those people too. Does that help?

  • jefito


  • jefito

    Don’t sell yourself short, Scott! We love your comments. They’re better than the songs.

  • jefito

    You have definitely had a very Mellowmas kind of day.

  • Jay

    I don’t know, it just seems the right milieu.

  • Beau

    I just realized how well this fit with Jason’s “everybody involved with this has blood on their hands” comment.

  • Jay


  • jasonhare

    Buble ALWAYS looks vaguely confused!

  • jasonhare


  • Scott Peterson

    Staggered by the severity, nay, the unfettered brutality of the left-handed compliments—no, wait, it was actually a one-two punch of damning with faint praise—Scott goes down for the count! No more Mellowmas for Scott!

    But no! Wait! The…the refs aren’t just giving him a long count…they’re actually reviving him! They’re FORCING him to listen to the rest of Mellowmas!

    Well. I suppose curating these monstrosities would beat the humanity outta just about anyone. There’s a reason Mother Teresa and Gandhi both refused the Mellowmas gig.

  • jefito

    I just pictured Mother Teresa and Gandhi on the cover of a Kenny ‘n’ Dolly-style Christmas album, and my life will never be the same.