“No, I won’t go with the flow, because if I do, I’ll end up where everybody else goes.”

Those are probably the most descriptive and autobiographical words taken straight from Robert Nix’s lead single, “Won’t Go With the Flow” from his new album, Blue Moon. Self admittedly inspired by music from a plethora of eras and venues, he’s created a subgenere all his own, with a blend of rock, New Wave, indie, and a bit of psychedelia all his own. (If you with Talking Heads would have collaborated with early Syd Barrett, you’re in luck.)

We were dying to find out more about how Nix invented his infectious sound, so we asked him for five influential songs that inspired him. Here’s what he said.

1. “Magical Mystery Tour,” The Beatles


The energetic opener to the Beatles’ psychedelic masterpiece of an album and probably some of the first music I ever heard courtesy of my sister’s vinyl record. This album in particular made its way into my bloodstream — I never did get off that bus, it seems.

2. “Strange Days,” The Doors

Another psychedelic track taking you to yet another perception of reality.

3. “2112 Overture,” Rush

Not “progressive rock,” this is “Rush rock.” They were in a class of their own with an original approach to their compositions.

4. “No Good Trying,” Syd Barrett

From his first solo album (which is in my collection). Barrett never was meant for this world, and I don’t think I was either.

5. “Girl U Want,” Devo

I think Mr. Spock would have liked Devo, as they seem to have delivered somewhat logical songs with zero emotion, which I found extremely intriguing.

Now that you’ve heard where Nix’s musical genus comes from, check out his single “Won’t Go With the Flow” below:

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