It’s here! It’s finally fucking here!

Hello and welcome to the official launch of Popdose, the site some of you have been waiting for/predicting would never happen for almost a year now. It would take a series of posts to tell you about all the twists and turns it took to get here, so I’ll spare you the gory details; suffice it to say that no one has been more impatient than me.

Anyway, come on in. Relax. Take a look around. See all those categories? We’ve assembled an absolutely incredible army of contributors — all of them among my favorite writers on the Web — to cover the pop-culture spectrum, from music (of course) to movies, TV, books, politics, and various product-testing shenanigans. We’ll be here, seven days a week, giving you all the great content you got from Jefitoblog — and so much more.

I can’t go any further without giving credit where credit’s due — specifically to David Eastman, whose early encouragement sparked the whole thing; my longtime partner in blog crime, Jason Hare, who has done a ton of work (and will only be doing more); our ace programmer, Rahul Gupta, who went above and beyond the call of duty; and last but most certainly not least, our benefactors at Pressing Needs, especially Peter Lubin, George Howard, Mike Monasco, and Dave Littlefield, whose continual support has made the whole thing possible. (You’ll learn more about the PN gang in the weeks and months to come. Foreshadowing!)

Please allow me to introduce you to your Popdosers:

Matthew Bolin: A longtime Friend of Jefitoblog, Matthew will be writing a number of music series, including one that will try and get you to appreciate Rod Stewart’s late-period output. No shortage of chutzpah on our Mr. Bolin!

Robert Cass: Many of you know Robert from his frequent commentary at Jefitoblog and Jason’s site, or from his own site, Mulberry Panda 96. Aside from acting as an editor here, he’ll be contributing a pop-culture column titled Sugar Water.

Jon Cummings: Another longtime Friend of Jefitoblog, Jon will be writing about music and current events for Popdose. Be sure to check out his Political Culture and Jesus of Cool series!

Dw. Dunphy: Readers of the old Chartburn series will no doubt remember Mr. Dunphy’s witty commentary as a member of the panel; here at Popdose, he’ll continue to serve the ‘burn, while adding his own music series to the mix. Stay tuned!

Zack Dennis: Another member of the Chartburn panel, Zack will be covering live music and current events for us here. You’ll get to know more about our favorite Harvey Mudd graduate soon!

Mojo Flucke, Ph.D.: Our resident blues blogger, Mojo comes to us courtesy of our friends at Bullz-Eye. Look for weekly dispatches from Mr. Flucke, alternating between hot lo-fi cuts and cold blues shots.

Jason Hare: A man who needs no introduction, Jason will be bringing us his award-winning music series, Adventures Through the Mines of Mellow Gold and Chart Attack!, as well as acting in an editorial capacity, chiming in at Chartburn, and generally getting roped into various shenanigans against his better judgment and/or will.

John C. Hughes: Proprietor of the beloved Lost in the ’80s, John will be expanding his operations here, helping us get lost in the ’70s and ’90s too. If you’re one of the thousands who loved John’s blog, welcome aboard — and if you’re just meeting him for the first time, prepare yourself!

Py Korry: An original member of the Chartburn panel, the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Rush, and the man behind the site that bears his name, our friend Mr. Korry will be contributing his weekly Mix Six feature here, as well as covering current events (and continuing to ‘burn). Say hi to Py!

Taylor Long: The brains behind the tall stack of bloggy goodness known as T-SIDES, Taylor will be handling concert reviews and acting as our New Music Editor at Popdose. Huzzah!

Scott Malchus: As fans of his old haunt Thunderbolt have long known, Scott is the mastermind behind the terrific Basement Songs series — which he’ll be bringing here, bless his heart, along with covering television and film.

David Medsker: Aside from being a member of the Chartburn panel, Mr. Medsker is my boss at Bullz-Eye — which makes it doubly sweet to turn the tables here, and hand him the keys to our White Label Saturday feature. Prepare to groove!

Darren Robbins: Last but not least, we have Darren Robbins, the evil genius responsible for He’s a Whore (as well as a handful of power pop gems). Darren will be covering music here, dishing on lessons learned during his years in the biz, and just generally kicking ass. Prepare yourself!

And that, dear readers, is your Popdose staff as of January 1, 2008. We set out to assemble the Voltron of pop-culture blogs, and I think we’ve succeeded — now it’s your job to sit back, let your boss know you’re done for the day, and get to readin’ until you can’t read no more. Welcome to Popdose!

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