PD Five2013 marks five years of Popdose bringing you pop culture news and debate, and we’re pleased as punch to still be here after so many site start-ups have “bitte eine dust” (I know it’s not correct German, but it worked for Sid Caesar…) You may then ask yourselves, “You folks put out an awful lot of copy every week. What are your top ten posts since the site began?”

It’s actually a hard question to answer. Some of our longstanding efforts were started on other sites. For example, Mellowmas began on jefito.com and jasonhare.com just as Soundtrack Saturday originated on Kelly Stitzel’s website,  so there is unaccounted-for traffic involved in those places. But in the strictest sense of what posts garnered eyes on Popdose.com alone, the following are our top winners. We hope the run never stops, and thank you once again for making Popdose a site you visit regularly. We hope you will be pleased with all the stuff coming around the corner!

national-lampoons-christmas-vacation-movie-poster-1989-102019603410. Soundtrack Saturday: ”National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” Kelly Stitzel’s post on the third of the Family Griswold Trilogy is always a favorite around the holidays.

09. Soundtrack Saturday: ”National Lampoon’s European Vacation” As a companion to the Christmas post, Kelly Stitzel also revisited the second of the three Vacation movies. One of the big draws was that it featured the Lindsey Buckingham theme track “Holiday Road,” relatively a rarity. Mostly however, readers appreciated Kelly’s take on the well-organized art of the soundtrack, or song-track, however the case may be.

08. The Popdose 100: The Greatest Love Songs of All Time The staff, in an amorous mood, tackled love in all its splendor and distress in this extremely well-received post. Special thanks go out to Popdose Staffers David Medsker and Zack Dennis for curating and assembling these massive Popdose 100 efforts over the past years (and for dealing with the stress of “what should have beens” that filter in). We raise a toast to you.

07. The Year in Rock: 1978 Darren Robbins’ take on the highlights and low points of the year 1978 illuminated how this particular year would shape and drive the sound of the oncoming decade. It also took a moment to remember Who drummer Keith Moon, who passed away in that year.

Valspar Hands For Habitat Unveiling Hosted By Lea Michele06. TV Review: ”Glee” Editor-in-Chief Jeff Giles got out in front of the fever that eventually erupted over the show Glee, reviewing it upon its debut. For more than two years it consistently ranked among Popdose’s highest-viewed articles. Now that the heat on the show has cooled considerably, it is hard to imagine the post will ever reach those lofty peaks again. However, it remains an interesting curio of a pop culture phenomenon that isn’t so far away.

05. The Popdose 100: The Best Songs of the Decade The staff ranked the songs that we felt withstood the test of time. We heard plenty from readers who agreed, disagreed, or just wanted to get in on the fun.

04. The Popdose 100: The Best Movies of the Decade The staff likes movies — not necessarily film, or cinema, but the act of sitting down and getting lost in an hour & a 1/2-2 hours of something somewhere else. Apparently you readers do as well.

03. Extra Medium #4: The Top 10 Worst and Best Things About ”The Avengers” The Avengers was one of the biggest films of 2012. Mick Martin had the audacity, audacity!, to insinuate it wasn’t perfect in every way. Readers agreed, disagreed, and threw Mjolnir to the skies in fury. How very childish.

02. 10 Essential Albums for Starting a Jazz Collection Chris Holmes took on a sacred cow among the musically inclined, the “best” of jazz. Or so it was read by many. In actuality, this is a primer, a “soft launch” if you will, into the world of jazz for the newbies. Did he get it right? Did he make egregious omissions? Brother, did you have things to say!

AVNG01. The Popdose 100: The Greatest Cover Songs of All Time The Big Kahuna, the NePlusUltra, the pinnacle of Popdose. You folks sure do love your cover songs (well, who doesn’t?) and the discussion raged long after the Popdose Staff made their choices…and in fact continues to rage to this day. Our Popdose 100 on Cover Songs continues to be our most popular piece on a daily basis.



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