It should be an immediate moment of sitting up and taking notice of Allyson Seconds’ latest offering, Little World, just by virtue of the names that appear as players on this 11-track offering.  Is it enough to begin with the likes of Colin Moulding, the legendary bass player/singer/songwriter of XTC or the late Scott Miller, the writer/visionary/driver of Game Theory and The Loud Family?  Probably that’s more than enough, but the only reason you should pay attention is because this is simply an excellent album.

A second collaboration between Ms. Seconds and producer/multi-instrumentalist Anton Barbeau has delivered these upbeat, thoughtful, catchy, joyful songs and quite frankly, at this particular moment in time, songs like these are sorely needed.  That energy and positivism is immediately felt on the title track, which opens the album; fast, melodic, simple and captivating – and I love her self-harmonies; “Sun Don’t Shine” has a great, heavy duty “garage” riff with some equally heavy guitar punctuations and a damn get-down, dirty sounding solo.  “Dust Beneath My Wings” is a fairly-known song by Mr. Barbeau, but here, Ms. Seconds makes it her own, with an emotionally potent rendition; “Octagon” is possibly the strongest track, with its Fender Rhodes electric piano framework and gentle vocals that carry the song but the on-the-one guitar solo from Scott Miller is just right (and haunting, considering his absence).  Plus, the light touch of this track gives it even more punch.  “Burning Burning” is one of the shortest songs on the album, but is one of the most detailed and complex as it starts in a minimal fashion but builds and builds with great effect.

A collection of songs like this should not be overlooked/bypassed/ignored.  This is Ms. Seconds’ sophomore release and it is one to revel in.  Considering the adverse nature that brought about the writing of this album (seek out the story), like I said, it emits warmth, joy and positivity.  Not to mention quality songwriting and performances.


Little World will be available on Friday, October 21st, 2016


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